Looking to trade my Sprint PPC-6700 for a car GPS I would prefer a brand name gps

I will include
1 Sprint PPC- 6700 (some scratches, but work perfect)
1 Seidio belt clip ($40)
2 3200mah extended battery and doors ($100)
1 2200mah seidio extended battery (same thickness as stock)($40)
1 desktop cradle
2 OEM beltclips
1 original box/cables/manuals

Also the phone is LOADED with about $250 in aftermarket software:

SPB Mobile Shell
SPB Diary
SPB Pocket Plus
SPB phone Suite
SPB Time
SPB Weather
SPB Insight
SPB Imageer
SPB Brain Evolution

A few others I am forgeting
please get back to me @ ecooke21@cox.net