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    Well hello everybody,

    I have for sale a Brand New In A Box Palm Centro,
    Got it for my wife but she didn't like it, She wants a Mogul. So to offset the price of the mogul I'm asking $325 plus free shipping or make an offer. All we did is opened the box took it out charged it and played with it for a few hours no Phone calls or data, wasn't even activated. If any body is interested let me know thanks. also i know that im new but i posted this at ive been there for a while any questions pm me or IM me. phone has clean esn.
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    78 views and nobody interested I'm willing to trade make an offer
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    still available?
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    what are you interested in trading for? I have a like brand new ipod touch, 16gb....other things????

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    just sold it this morning sorry!

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