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    used this phone for 3 days. (put maybe only 20 minutes on the lifetimer)

    GUARANTEED clear esn number, and ready to activate with Sprint.

    All packages and cables are still sealed..I only turned on the phone to try it out. Original Screen protector still on the screen.

    I decided to go back to a treo 755P.

    $320 shipped. pm me

    I also have the original receipt for warranty/ insurance/ etc etc purposes. I will include the receipt as well.
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    You claim new but then say used. Which is it?
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    He's saying it's basically new, which it is.
    If you just turn it on, or use it for a tiny bit, it's pretty much new.
    granted, LIKE NEW might be a better term,
    but still.

    You can get the jist of it.

    <img src="" border="0" >
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    yeah - well, if you need it brand spankin new, i got the receipt/invoice, i can get a new one.

    But basically, my unit is as new as it gets. I looked at my life timer, its 8 minutes...(basically only made 1 test call) lol

    The Mogul is not for me.
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    I'm going to leave it here for a few more days, if no takers..its going on ebay
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    are you going back to a treo 755p as in you already have it? if not, would you be interested in a trade? I have a like new 755 with a bunch of extras.
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    sorry, no trades.

    and yeah --currently running a treo 755 myself
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    I offer you $300 shipped. If interested let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damigs View Post
    I offer you $300 shipped. If interested let me know.
    you got pm

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