I am the chief evangelist for GolfTraxx and I want to do a quick intro to the TreoCentral site. GolfTraxx is a GOLF application that provides golfers distances to reach & carry multiple targets per hole as well as the usuall distance to the fron, back and center of the green. We are still in beta and are on the lookout for golfers who would like to map courses (can be done anywhere in the world, inside, on a computer.) Your participation would be rewarded by getting the software application to use on your rounds.

So, what makes it cool? Can download as many courses as you like. Can load courses by wi-fi (no need to sych as you do with SkyCaddie.) We have over 1,000 courses and over 1,000 users world-wide (and growing daily!) By loading your distances for each club, GolfTraxx will select clubs AND using just a tap on the screen, your rounds are scored.

We are in the early stages of building our phase II website to include forums to talk golf, product suggestions, games/contests, etc. So, stop by GolfTraxx and let us know who you are and join the fun!