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    ******Not for sale. Decided to keep it and sell my Tilt.*******

    I moved to a Tilt (still not sure if I like it better or not), and I'm getting rid of all my treo stuff.
    Right before I got my tilt, I sent in my treo due to some issues, so I have a "new" refurb. used it a week or less. So its in new condition.
    It also has WM6.

    Now for all the Accessories:

    I have at least 3 chargers if not more. (I've had Treos for years).

    At least 3 sync cords. Some are the type that you can plug in the power to the sync cable.

    GlobalSat's BT-359C Bluetooth GPS receiver and cables.

    2 Gig SD card

    Treo BT headset

    wired headset

    All this for only $400.00

    Let me know soon. This is going on EBAY by Saturday the 23 of Feb.



    I do take paypal or I also have a merchant account if you want to use a major credit card outside of paypal.
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    Your numbers are high. A 750 can be picked up on ebay for 200 or less on a regular basis. Chargers and cords go for about 5 bucks. The GlobalSat is an older device and can be found for 24.00. 2G SD cards go for 14.95. Headsets are a dime a dozen.

    You are talking basically about a package that can be had brand new for under 300.00 by someone who knows how to shop. Don't mean to diss you, but keep it real. Throw this out there for 200-250, and you'll get some takers.
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    Actually, they are going for $200 or MORE on ebay. not less.

    $239, $275, $299, $300, $275, $250, $344, $291, $235, Oh, and one in there for $200. And those were in the last day or two.

    So please, keep your facts straight.

    And show me were you can get the BT GPS reciever for $24 since they are still selling for $100. This isnt older, its three months old.

    And you can get 12 BT headsets for a dime? Where is that? everybody would like to know. I havent really seen any under $30 and those are usually pretty cheap ones.

    Oh, ya, you can buy the power cord for 5 bucks and pay 10 in shipping.

    Make me an offer.

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