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    I love my centro so much that I'm selling my 2 month old Mogul. Check out my ebay ad for more info (or just to read my really silly story)
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    Darn, quite a story you have there. The hang-ups are the one reason I start every conversation with Sprint with "if we get disconnected, call me back at".

    Problem with your story is you are talking people out of bidding on your phone because they're not going to want Sprint. But, you should be a writer, that's for sure.
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    Thanks Rick, I guess I'm dealing with sprint cumstomers already, people who have lost or broken their phones and can't afford to buy a new one from sprint.
    anyway, the whole world already knows how awful it is to call sprint!
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    Your listing was removed? Change your mind?
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    the listing is back, they removed it bcause in my title i used the words "like new" and i guess their system spit that back as spam.
    here's the URL

    too darn bad too as there were bids
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    I had the exact same thing happen to a listing of mine this weekend, only I had used the words "like brand new". Ebay had the courtesy of waiting until there was only 5 hours left on a 5 day auction and the bid amount had surpassed my buy it now price.

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