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    This is pretty much the ultimate Treo 700p package one could ask for. The Verizon Treo 700p is in mint condition, used lightly for a few months, but given GREAT care while in use. I have a ton invested in the phone, and it is all included in the package:

    • Treo 700p Mint
    • Seidio High Capacity Battery 2600mah
    • Seidio High Capacity Battery 2400mah
    • Stubby antenna (currently the look)
    • OEM antenna, just in case you want to go back to OEM
    • Invisible Shield, not yet installed (this looks beautiful once installed)
    • Palm spare battery charger
    • OEM Charger
    • Nutshell Premium leather case (very nice)
    • Proclip USA custom car mount
    • Screen Protector (perfectly installed)
    • Mobi Products cradle (usb & wall charge as well as hotsync)
    • TomTom 5
    • Palm/TomTom GPS Reciever
    • TomTom 6
    • TomTom 6.65
    • TomTom serial has been activated to this phone. You can reset the phone, either install TomTom via the included SD card or included cds/dvds and the serial will properly activate this Treo. I will also assign my TomTom online account to the purchaser so you can stay registered properly. Included are all TomTom materials including the product code cards, disks, serial numbers for all 3 versions. This is what you will need when contacting TomTom for any support (although I have found it just works, perfectly!)

    I have moved on to a blackberry and no longer have the need for all of this. You are getting a PERFECT Treo setup. The 700p has been updated to the lastest VZ firmware.

    Asking $500. Well over $1000 value here.
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    I still have this phone. I forgot about the listing as the phone is not getting used these days. Now asking $325.

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