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    For Sale:
    Complete Visor Prism Package: Best Offer over (US)$350
    Current price new from Handspring: $558.90

    Package includes:
    • Visor Prism w/PalmDesktop software
    • USB cradle (stock)
    • Serial cradle
    • Backup Springboard Module
    • 8MB Handspring Flash Springboard
    • 3 extra metal stylii (black)

    The Prism has some wear spots on the back where the cradle rubs against the back of the machine. Other than that, it's in pretty good shape. Nothing major wrong with it.

    Disclaimers: I will not split up the package just yet, so please don't ask for just the serial cradle or a springboard module. I have the original Prism box, but not the boxes for the springboard modules or the serial cradle. I can ship 2nd Day Air to US destinations, and prefer not to ship to international destinations (Canada is probably ok, though). Payment accepted: US Postal Money Order or PayPal.
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