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    Treo 750 (AT&T), GPS and Accessories for Sale - now $300

    I'm selling my A&T Treo 750 with numerous accessories for $300, plus shipping and optional insurance. (Note: This package comes with a Navman Bluetooth GPS, so you can use your Treo as a moving map with free software from Google Maps or a paid service like Telenav.) The Treo 750 is in excellent condition (never held to my ear - I always used a BT headset, so there are no ear smudges) and comes with the following items. I purchased the Treo in September. This is an exceptional road warrior package and the sum of the parts is definitely greater than the whole.

    * Piel Frama leather case
    * Rubber case with plastic screen protector
    * Seido extended 1600 mA battery (in the Treo)
    * Four Palm brand Treo batteries (in addition to the Seido battery that's already in the Treo)
    * Two 4GB mini SD cards
    * Two 2GB mini SD cards
    * Three mini-SD card adapters
    * iGo A43 adapter (to charge your Treo from an iGo universal charger)
    * Spectec mini wifi card and software
    * Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard
    * Four mini-sync retractable cables
    * Two wall chargers
    * Two car chargers
    * Treo 750 Manual and CD
    * Seido desk charger
    * Two extra Palm Treo chargers for charging spare batteries
    * Siedo multi-function USB/wall charger
    * Navman 4100 Bluetooth GPS, operates on 3 AAA batteries or car adapter; includes windshield suction cup and car power cable. (The Navman retails for $230 alone!)
    * Everready AA emergency battery charger with Treo adapter
    * Two Siedo 9-volt emergency chargers for the Treo
    * Two Inka keychain pen/stylus combo (you can always have a stylus and pen with you.)
    * Two short usb cables
    * Two standard USB sync cables
    * Three music headset adapters
    * Fuel cell from with Treo adapter
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    I'm interested in several of your accessories. Would you unbundle them?

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