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    I bought two of these Sena Palm Centro Magnetic flipper cases about a month ago. One for myself and one for my mom. She doesn't want the case anymore because she normally wears the phone on her neck or have it in her purse. She finds the case to get annoying and make it heavier than it already is on her neck. She's over 60, so, I can see what she means. Anyway, it's practically new. I'm selling this for $40 plus $5 shipping. I will include a delivery tracking #.

    I have a picture of of mine and hers side by side so you can see. Also have the original box and everything that came with it. Click on the link below for the picture if you don't see it on this thread.

    Also, please be a verified paypal customer, as I am. Thanks.
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    Just a thought... dont you find it odd to buy accessories worth almost half the price of the phone?
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    Not really, not when you consider that you couldn't replace the phone for the $99 (mine was $69) most people paid (unless of course you have insurance) I didn't mind paying a few extra bucks for a case I liked aesthetically (think I spelled that right) and that gave me peace of mind that it wouldn't fall off my belt or out of my pocket.. Yeah my insurance will replace it but I depend way too much on email and Datebook 6 to be without it for a few days.

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