So my only reason for buying a treo was to fit 2 devices into one item, but it's just not working out for me. So I'd like to trade my treo for an ipod touch. The treo is unbranded/unlocked. There are a couple of tiny desk marks on the front of the case, but nothing in the way of major. They're minor and not very noticeable unless you look. Screen protector has been on 100% of the time and the screen is flawless. Comes with the earphones and charger. I don't think I have the box but I will look. It also comes with an 8gb SDHC that works flawlessly and the USB card reader for it as well.

I want to be clear, the phone is great. Nothing wrong with it at all, just it's overkill for me and I'm learning to be an audiophile so the sound out of the treo while surprisingly good, just isn't what it should be from an iPod. So since I've been getting stuff in my library encoded to higher than 256kbps, I'd like to listen to it on an iPod. The phone combo just wasn't working for me.

I only want to trade for an iPod touch. My email is bishopazrael at gmail.