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    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I'm re-upping my Sprint contract for two years and, as one of the perks, they are giving me a brand new Palm Treo Centro. I've been using a Treo 700p for the last 18 months and am resistant to change it. So I'm going to sell the Palm Centro. Anyone here interested in buying it for say $300 or so?

    I'm not even going to open the box when it arrives from Sprint. I put it for the color Pink, but I can call to change my order if anyone is intersted quickly.

    I realize I'm a first time poster. I am also on E-Bay under the same username if you need references. I'll end up posting the phone on there if no one is interested here.

    E-mail me at or post any interest here. Thanks!
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    FWIW, Palm sells them for $300 shipped with no contracts.
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    Okay thanks. I saw they were $399 directly from Sprint with no contract.

    I'd seen them go for $300 or so on E-Bay so that's where I got the estimate. That said, I'm open to offers if anyone is interested.

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    $200 in red?
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    How about closer to $275? I can switch it to red, but need to know ASAP. Thanks.
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    Given the lack of 30-day warranty since it can't be exchanged, someone should jump on this for about $250 shipped.

    If it didn't take me 12 Centros before I got one without the heavily rotated screen that most of them have, I'd save $50 and buy this one myself.
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    That's exactly what worries me, the lack of warranty. I've followed the rotating screen problem with the Centro so it would suck if this one had the same issues and I was stuck with it that way. $250 shipped I would consider...

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