Yes, I am selling a Verizon Treo 700wx which is a refurb I received just before xmas and stoped using before new years. It is in nearly perfect shape. The one blemish is on the battery door which came from a 700w. It comes with many accessories.

From my ebay listing, Item number: 250208302667, which will expire on 1/23 10pm est. Photos can be seen there. I am asking $250 for everything which is a real deal if you tried to purchase the items and added up the cost, you would pay signifantly more.

Verizon Wireless Palm Treo 700WX Smartphone with Accessories
This is a perfect condition refurbished phone that I received from Verizon as a replacement for a malfunctioning 700w. I am selling it because I decided to buy a different phone.

The phone is in perfect condition except for the battery door which came from the 700W which has slight smudge. The screen is clean and clear. This phone comes with the standard OEM accessories including the Stylus, OEM battery, battery cover, charger and sync cable. The installation CD from the 700W is also included though I recommend that you download the latest versions off the Palm and Microsoft mobile websites. All manuals and software are free for download from the Palm website.

This phone has the latest version of the Operating System software.

It also includes the following additional accessories:

Seidio INNOCharger SKU# BCSIPSTR650-SL, USB cable and Seidio USB Travel Charger #ADP-TUSB-SL-5V
Seidio Treo 650-FC Treo smartphone series sync and battery charger with USB Cable (used with the 700wx)
Seidio High Capacity Battery 2400mAH (extends the usage time greatly.)
Seidio USB Sync &Charge Cable Cable(w/ INTEGRATED HOTSYNC BUTTON)
Verizon OEM Car Charger
foneGear travel charger with folding prongs item #: 00-428
Sena Treo Magnet Flipper Black Leather Case with Super Clip belt clip with cloth pouch

Verizon OEM Black Leather Case with plastic window and ratcheting belt clip

Contact me after the ebay auction is done or bid on this item if you want it.