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    My lost Centro was found and I am now the owner of two Centros. I am selling the one I used as my replacement the past two weeks. When I purchased the replacement, only the phone was included, you will need to purchase a charger and hot sync cable. If you would like these included with the phone, it will be a total of $180 (you can buy a charger for $15 and hot sync for $13 from TreoCentral, which is where I will buy them).

    This is a great chance for someone in the same situation as I was, lost phone, to get a replacement much cheaper than from Palm or Craigslist. I would prefer to sell in NYC so I can meet at a Sprint Store to help you activate the phone. I am willing to ship at cost, but I'm on SERO, and it's been difficult to activate other phones on my plan without being in the store.

    Please email me with any questions and for pics.

    Thank you,
    Paul -
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    $150? i call first dibs.

    pm sent
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    OP updated his original post as *SOLD*.

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