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    I have a treo 680 that I purchased from a friend. She bought it brand new and used it for a few days before deciding on the Curve. It was sitting around and she offered it to me for a price I could not refuse. Well I had it for TWO days and dropped it. It's just my luck with phones. I have the phone unlocked to use on Tmobile as well ($25). Well now it will not read the sim card. Don't know what's wrong or how to fix it. I will be happy to get rid of it to anyone who knows how to fix things like this. Everything on the phone works ( tested all apps and everything), but it just won't read the sim card.

    I am putting it on ebay within the next few days, but figured I would give you all here first crack at it since someone here probably knows it's an easy fix. I paid 100 for it so that's all I am asking for it

    $100 plus shipping. Or $120 and I will ship it overnight or 2 day air.

    send me an email or reply here. I have paypal as well or you can mail me a cahsiers check or money order. email :
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    wow, nobody??
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    Not to be rude, but maybe it's because you bought it for $100, broke it and then want to sell a broken smartphone for the same price that you bought it for? Just a guess.
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