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    Well I've jumped ship and switched to a Touch. Treo is now for sale up on ebay. Many accessories including two SEIDIO 3200mAh high capacity batteries.

    Auction Description:

    This auction is for a Sprint Palm Treo 700wx. I bought this phone about a year ago and stopped using it last month. Long story short I found the Sprint Treo, loved it, bought a bunch of accessories to go with it, then the Sprint Touch came out, realized I didn't need the keyboard and now selling it here with all the accessories in one big bundle. Never had any problems with the phone and always used a screen protector with it.

    This auction includes:

    Sprint Palm Treo 700wx including all accessories that came with it (AC Travel Charger, Stereo Headset, USB Sync Cable, Standard Lithium Ion Battery and box w/ manuals and software)
    USB Dock for Treo
    Two SEIDIO brand Pen Stylus
    512 MB Toshiba SD Card
    Two SEIDIO brand High Capacity Batteries 3200mAh ($55 each purchased elsewhere)
    Two SEIDIO replacement battery covers for the 3200mAh batteries
    One Krusell leather case (shows some wear but protects the phone very well)
    One foneGear side pouch case
    One Naztech side pouch case with zipper storage pocket

    I really hate to part with it all but the bill is coming due for the new phone so everything must go!! I hope the winner gets as much enjoyment out of this phone as I did.

    All pictures on the eBay listing:

    Thanks!! Hope someone here gets it, this community has been awesome!
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