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    I want to sell my Innopocket CompactFlash Drive (as reviewed here: Will include necessary software (registered).

    Without CompactFlash Card: $25 shipped

    With SanDisk 16 MB card (KNOWN to work with the drive!): $50 shipped (I do not want to sell the card seperately.)

    I prefer to take PayPal, but can take personal checks.

    (Let me know if you would rather get the software via E-mail (preferred) or sent on a floppy disk.)

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    I am dropping the price of the module and card to $15 for the module and software (includes shipping. If you want the CF card as well, I will include it for another $15!
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    Why are you selling and what software do you get? FA file mover and utility and Cspot? Have you registered them or can they be re-registered?
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    I'm going to upgrade to a Memplug-like device (MemPlug or FlashPlus), and my wife threatened me if I keep buying stuff without getting rid of the older stuff first!

    The software (FAFileMover, FAFormat, CFCardInfo) is already registered. I do not know about re-registering it.

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