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    selling used sprint palm treo 700wx phone with clear esn it comes with original box and accessories as well as a free car charger, phone is in full working condition and is working great. Phone has a few nicks and dents from normal wear and tear but does not effect how awesome the phone is. im asking $350 for phone i paid $649 when i bought it directly from the sprint store, and i would also like to state that the phone is still brand new its only been used for about 6 months the reason im selling it is because im switching wireless carriers so my loss is ur gain. if u have any questions feel free to email me at

    P.s. I have also posted this phone on craigslist (Austin, TX)
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    New Price, Im dropping the price down to $300, any takers?
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    300? good luck
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    Now Asking $250, Any takers? Heres a picture

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    NEW PRICE, NOW ASKING $200 plus shipping any takers? Must sell Im leaving Sprint and going to ATT thats the only reason why im selling, phone has been great to me, Its ready to go, really hoping to sell soon!!!!! any buyers out there ????? make me an offer
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    Phone is still available!!!!!!!!! any takers???? Need to sell !!!!!!!
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    Send a PM to gtwo, he's potentially in the market for one
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    price drop asking $185 plus shipping any takers? Unit is ready to go just needs a buyer.
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    $150 plus shipping

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