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    I just started using and I love it! The prices are okay, but they have 24/7 tech support by real Americans, lol. I can actually understand what they are saying. Plus, they give 10% of their profits to charity.

    I'm using their deluxe package, which is pretty cheap if you pay for the year at once, although you can pay month-to-month. The great thing about the deluxe package is that I can have multiple domain names point to it, or even subfolders on it, so it's like having a bunch of hosting accounts for the same price!

    The cool thing is, you can even set up optimised websites through them that work great for Treo's Blazer!
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    P.S. in the interest of full disclosure, this is being run by a friend of mine. We're both Treo users, so that's why he supports it on his site.

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