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    I have a Graphite Visor Deluxe in mint condition for sale. Comes with:

    * Handspring Backup Module
    * Thincomm 'Thinmodem' 56k module
    * Pigtail-type connector for Thinmodem
    * GoType! keyboard
    * GoType! keyboard case w/padded and lined pockets
    * Metal stylus (can't remember brand <sorry> )
    * USB cradle
    * Serial cradle
    * Handspring leather case w/velcro closure
    * Handspring 'slip' case and the plastic snap-on cover
    * All original software
    * Intellisync

    All in excellent (or better) condition.

    If interested please make me an offer ($USD only please)

    Email me if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    I could use a backup module. How much?
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    I am interested in JUST the Thinmodem 56K Module. I pay with a Money Order so you don't have to pay any Pay Pal fees, so maybe we can work out a deal.

    $40 shipped.
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