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    A quick thumbs up for Handspring customer service. I called yesterday about exchanging my beloved Prism - the case plastic to the right of the power switch had cracked, and stuck out a mm or so. Sooner or later it was going to catch on my Slipper case when I take it in and out to use oversized modules and break.

    Besides, the paint issue was annoying me.

    Anyway, I called late yesterday (after 5pm Pacific time) to ask them to send me a new unit. They said it usually takes several days, but I'm going out of town tomorrow for about a week. After some whining on my part, they said they's see what they could do.

    This morning - lo and behold - my new unit shows up on my desk before lunch. Great turnaround by anyone's standards.

    I thought HS should get some recognition for going the extra mile. Now I feel guilty about coveting a new Clie.
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    I have been always impressed with Handspring Customer Service !! A solid company.
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    Same here. If they intended to make up for when they 1st started out, I think they've done it by now.
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    I agree! I was so stupid, I goofed up the rebate form! Nonetheless, HS customer support straightened it out! Very impressed!
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    Yeah - I'd go to a Handspring Rave. That would be cool. Do you think my deluxe would glow under a blacklight?
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    Depends on the color.

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