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    I bought a new Platinum 2 months ago. It's been >lightly< used, and is still in mint condition. I have the original box, CD, etc. Comes with USB cradle.

    Also have a mint Targus Stowaway keyboard for the Visor. Bought this one about 1 month ago. Again, lightly used, in mint condition with the original box.

    Have a used Thinmodem module that has been upgraded to 56k capability. Very good condition.

    Have a used Memory Access module (LED and vibrating alerts). Very good condition.

    As can be seen, I delved into the Visor world whole hog , but realized now that it is not right for me.

    Again, the following items are for sale:

    Visor Platinum - mint condition
    Stowaway keyboard - mint condition
    Thinmodem - very good condition
    Memory Access module - very good condition

    If interested, please e-mail me with an offer. I am willing to sell these separately or bundled together in any combination. Also willing to accept most any form of payment, as long as it is in US dollars


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    I'm interested in the Stowaway and ThinModem. Please LMK what you are looking to get for those items. Thanks

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    How much memory is on the Memory Access module? Flash Memory? Who makes that?
    Jason Evans
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    How much memory is on the Memory Access module? Flash Memory? Who makes that?

    The Memory Access module is identical to the Innopak/2V module, with the exception that the Innopak/2V does not have the flashing LED capability. The module has 2 MB flash memory, and is made by Remote Solutions.

    Hope that helps!

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    Update: Any items that are not spoken for by Sunday morning (May 10 2001) I plan to sell on eBay.

    This is not an ultimatum ; I just wanted to sell these things and thought I would give the forumites the first crack! After all, I have received helpful replys to other posts in the past!

    Also - if you want to get ahold of me after 4:30 EST or on weekends, send mail to


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    BTTT - just a reminder - if you want to make an offer on this before Sunday morning, send an e-mail to


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    This message is directed to user mjd1969.

    MJD1969 - I have received your e-mail, but I am unable to get through your ISP. Your ISP keeps rejecting my e-mail, stating that user MJD1969 is not accepting e-mail from my address.

    There is a private message waiting for you in the Visorcentral forums. Scroll to the bottom of the page which shows the different forums to get to your message.



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