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    PTS would like to announce the release of Tracer V1.12. Tracer gives Palm OS users the opportunity to create and run their own barcode-enabled applications in minutes. It is so easy to use and is flexible enough to handle most data collection tasks.

    Tracer runs on all bar code enabled Palm OS PDAs including Visors with the CSM150 barcode springboard.

    Tracer is flexible, it is easy to use ( you can set it up in 2 minutes ) , it is affordable ( $23.99 ), and it can be
    used with most common databases including Access.

    Please take a moment and try it, and let us know what you think.
    Portable Technology Solutions, LLC
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    Dear PTS:
    Is it just me, or am I the only one who'd like a MASSIVE DB of every product listed under the sun (maybe on the Web, I could just click-&-drag) so I could search, say, for:
    Batteries -- and then just pick the ones I (might) shop for;
    Sony -- for any of their products;
    Music -- for any music UPC;
    Ad infinitum.
    I think the real hitch for the avg. consumer (incl. those who might be driven to BUY A VISOR in the 1st pl., if this turned out to be a killer app, which I think it should) is INPUTTING ALL THE DATA.
    It's just too much, given the "universe" of products that we all see, desire, and shop for every day.
    After all ...
    ... shouldn't "Universal" Product Codes be ... universal?
    So everyone could just DL them?
    Otherwise ...
    ... why did they create UPC codes in the 1st place?
    (It's fine if the user can create their own / modify those or modify "stock" UPCs, etc. But, as I say, inputting all your own data [even "just" once] is prob. too much to ask of the avg. consumer.)
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