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    Comes with Seidio rubeber case and holster.
    No scratches, used for 3 months.
    has scrren protector.

    It is unlocked and working on Tmobile.
    $475 shipped.
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    You got another brand new toy (a better than the iPhone)? Which one is it?
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    Just went back to my treo 680 and picked up a ipod touch
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    I saw your post about the iPhone not holding your interest but isn't the iPod touch similar (except for the phone part plus 16Gig instead 8Gig max.).

    Anyway, looking forward to hear your next best convergence device. User experience is interesting to read.
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    I love the music/iTunes/tv shows integration. Media is sweet and after febuary when the sdk is released. It is going to kick ****. But for now I miss by apps.

    For business the iPhone can't cut it. But for media except streaming it is the best
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    $425 shipped
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    $425 shipped
    Sent you a PM, I am interested if this is still for sale....
    My Palm Treo 700w was a snitch
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    it sold thx
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    I have an iPhone but was wondering how did you unlock it?! Im also under AT&T service so I just wanted to know if there's a way to upgrade the iPhone so I can watch mpegs?!

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