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Pack of Merriam-Webster Dictionaries is a series of translation and explanatory dictionaries for Blackberry containing the high-quality dictionary databases from Merriam-Webster, America's leading and most distinguished language reference publisher. This product will allow you to receive as much as possible detailed and exact translations of words in any forms wherever you are!

Pack of Merriam-Webster contains 4 popular dictionaries:
# Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged contains 700 000 definitions (257 200 dictionary entries)

# Merriam-Webster English-French & French-English dictionary (contains 44 441 entries)

# Merriam-Webster English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary (contains 41 561 entries)

# Merriam-Webster Medical dictionary (contains 35 000 entries)

Each Merriam-Webster dictionary is a product of extensive research and painstaking writing and editing conducted by the largest group of lexicographers in North America. SlovoEd dictionary engine of Paragon Software is full of unique features that will make the work on your mobile phone more effective. Two industry leaders have combined their efforts to provide ultimate solution for your translation and reference needs.
SlovoEd dictionaries contain detailed information such as transcription, usage notes, grammatical information and a lot of examples to satisfy all you needs. You will find needed information 100 times faster than using a simple paper dictionary!

Purchasing “SlovoEd for BlackBerry” allows you to receive as much as possible detailed and exact translations of numerous words during the 1-year subscription! Now you don’t need to waste time on looking up the unfamiliar words in numerous paper dictionaries!

Main features of SlovoEd dictionary for Blackberry are:

# The built-in morphology function will help you to find translation even if the search words appear in different grammatical forms. SlovoEd will find base forms of the word in this case.

# SlovoEd provides you with search method such as Search history (quick access to last words you searched). SlovoEd keeps last 15 words, so you will easily find any word from the History at any time.

# Variants of the word. Choosing this option you are able to receive the nearest words to the translated word according to alphabet.

# Possibility to install several language packs on your BlackBerry device at the same time.

# Convenient, friendly, specially designed for Blackberry dictionary user interface. Optional letter size and color markup are developed to set customer interface in accordance with your taste.

# Interface is available on 6 European languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

# Full-screen mode to show the translations.

Please try demo to be sure SlovoEd is compatible with your BlackBerry device. The demo version is FREE OF CHARGE and has no limitations in time of using.

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