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# Quickly and easily log and sketch events, thoughts, ideas, notes, accomplishments, or feelings.
# Unlike other journal/log programs, there’s a full screen to view or enter text.
# You can view, save, search, beam, or print your journal / log / diary.
# Each entry can store the event date, subject, category, location, name, an optional drawing, and scrollable multi-line text.
# Listing these your data will sort by date and can be filtered by category.
# A record/entry can be found just be doing a search on a key word.
# One click will show the record’s detail.
# Now includes two free utilities. The first one transfers data to/from your PC. The second one lets you view your entries on your
PC in a report style. You can print the records from the report.
# 3.0 Cosmetic improvements including color graphic buttons, added a time field, set default date and time is ‘today’ and ‘now’,
configurable categories, name(s), note, and location fields, includes a configured report to be used with the free report program,
moved partial text entry screen to a dedicated text view/entry screen, added a color sketch screen, added a category filter on the
list screen, compatible with the new Palm PDA’s and newer versions of Palm OS 5.

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