Unfortunately I had to make the switch to BB, but I have a huge treo 700p verizon setup. Here is what I am looking to get rid of....all in mint condition:
  • mint 700p no scratches, this one new about 2 months ago, light usage
  • oem box, sync cable, battery, manuals, software
  • short treo antenna (treoantenna.com, ver 2 grey)
  • oem antenna, in case you like that better
  • 2600mah seidio battery (stellar battery life...battery less than month old)
  • 2400mah seidio battery (amazing battery life)
  • sedio innodock
  • 8gb sdhc card
  • shieldzone body shield, brand new in package, not appied yet.
  • i have all of the tomtom software (up to latest....6.5), would be willing to transfer my tomtom account into the purchaser's name, and send you my software.
  • extra oem charger
  • external charger - http://store.treocentral.com/content...5-83--2182.htm
  • nutshell natural leather case - nice - http://store.treocentral.com/content.../4-25--147.htm
  • proclip usa car cradle

I figured i would offer it here first to those who really value the treo before putting it on ebay. Please make a reasonable offer. I think there is over $1000 here.