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    I got this for my birthday last month, but I don't need it as I already have a server PC in my home. I set it up, so it's open and used (once lol) but it's been offline since I received it in October.

    Selling it for $150 + 10 Shipping = $160 Total (Or, your best offer!) Good Deal, I think, as Newegg lists it for $194 without shipping.

    You guys have a few days before this puppy goes on Ebay. Speaking of Ebay, here's my profile with 106 totally 100% positive reviews

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    Was the data transfer rate good enough? Some reviews complain about that..

    Can I attach a printer to the USB port and share the printer? Or is the USB port for expanding storage only?

    I am marginally interested .. if the price is low enough :-)
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    Ok I copied over a file over my Verizon supplied 10/100 router, I cannot speak for Gigabit! It was 192MB file took 28 seconds

    Should be good enough as a backup drive, and more than enough for serving up media! I can't say anything about USB printing as I don't even have a printer here at home (got plenty at work ) but you can check out the manual here:

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