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    Had been playing around with the idea of replacing my beat-up 650 when it flew out of my pocket and smashed itself on the floor. So now I'm looking for a 755p, new or like new, for $175. Will consider going slightly higher with the addition of a battery or mem cards (don't really care about screen protectors, cases, etc. - obviously, I've not learned my lesson). I'll treat any conforming offers on a first come first buy basis, but will hold on to all others for a day or two to figure out the best one. You can PM me, but using the "email user" function will get the quickest response.


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    I've got a 755p in great condition with a Seidio extended battery, 4GB card as well as a Covertec case, neoprene exercise strap, and ProClip car mount. Considering all the extras, would you be interested in $250?

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