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    File Uploader for Palm OS - save 30% from

    File Uploader is an easy and affordable solution to store any PC files on Palm. Forget floppies, CDRW or any type of storage
    Just drag the files on windows application provided, sync your Palm. Now, Just connect the Palm on destination computer, sync again
    and you have your files.

    # Upload and store any PC files on Palm.
    # Take your work from office to home and vice versa.
    # Store ring tones, logos, photos or any files from your Smart Phone, Mobile Phones, Computer.
    # Store movies, music, mp3. If it is file then you can have it.
    # Store office documents or zip files from your desktop computer or laptop.
    # Affordable and very simple to use. Just drag & drop the files you want to store on Palm and its done.

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    How is this different than the Palm desktop if you have to use the hotsync process with this software?

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