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    Here's the situation:

    as a "tinkerer" I wanted to try out the Mogul. I was pretty happy with my Treo 700WX, but wanted to try out something new. As such, I searched online forums and did a google search for "Mogul Trades". I found a craigslist listing from a guy in Mesquite, TX that wanted to trade his Mogul for a 700WX, so it seemed perfect! The only thing was that he was in TX and I am in VA...but since I've done many trades online (I have over 170 positive heatware), I thought I'd give this a try. I called him up, and he seemed like a nice guy. We exchanged all the information and talked for a good 15-20 minutes so I felt good about the trade.

    ...well to make a long story short, I sent him my phone and didn't get the mogul in return. Now when I call him, he just hangs up the phone or ignores it all together. No phone or email responses.

    Sooo...I would like to find a replacement phone as cheaply as possible. I know that my sob story will not want anyone to give me their phones or anything, so I am willing to pay about $275 for this phone in excellent shape.

    Please let me know what you have.

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    Dude... I would want revenge before a new phone. Sorry you got robbed... Good luck with your search.
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    I'd take $275 for mine that's listed..........I won't scam you.
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    I would call Sprint and tell them that the 700wx was stolen, that way he can't activate the phone.

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