Hey guys I'm selling my beloved 700wx... here's what I got:

-Used but great condition Palm Treo 700wx for Sprint in the original box
-Seidio 2600mAh extended battery (new version)
-OEM battery
-2GB high-speed (150x speed version) SD card
-802.11b/g WiFi SD card
-Home Charger
-Hotsync Cable

Need a quick sale so I threw it up on Ebay on a 3-day auction starting at 99 cents with no reserve - so there's a great possibility you could get a great deal.... feel free to ask any questions!


I'll still be on this forum lurking since it was my first resource when I got my treo and I love this site (and since I'm getting my *** kicked at Treocentral Fantasy Football this year hah)

Thanks for looking,