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    MegaLauncher (Apache) for Palm - save 30% from

    MegaLauncher is a multipurpose application manager that can work on all modern Palm OS platform devices. Easy, intuitively
    understandable interface and the program philosophy enable you to study and accept this program in no time. Designed for
    considerable facilitation and time saving this program also enables you to effectively control all your applications and databases
    taking minimum steps. MegaLauncher comprises a set of multimedia and communications managers, which enclose the entire service
    package both for office and home use. Storage and information restore managers will help you in no time and without any difficulty
    restore the whole information on your device. Adjustment managers allow you to customize the view, color schemes and accompanying
    sound to your liking and requirements.

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    This launcher is very under estimated, compared to zlauncher it has has more features for the price. It's amazing it is not more popular. I'm testing it right now on my 700p. It's like having 4-5 seperate utilities in one. It's Launcher, Zip utility, Scheduled Backup utility, built-in Weather plugin, Image viewer, FTP utility, and for those slow NVFS devices it has an application cache feature with a "fast" and "safe" mode. It does seem to speed up my Treo.
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    It is an awesome launcher, and I used it when I carried a separate PDA, but when I switched to a Treo, I didn't want to give up the screen real estate. I use the list dpsplay mode which gives me 22 icons on the screen.

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