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    Just want to clear out a box of old stuff. Pictures of everything here.

    • Hotsync cradle for Handspring Treo 600. Includes power supply.
    • Handspring Treo 300. In box. CDMA model. Original software (unopened) included.

    Make offer on either of the above items. If no one makes an offer that covers at least shipping, I'll give it away locally (22203). For everything below, let me know what single item you want, and a mailing address. I'll throw it in an envelope and bid it adieu. If you want more than one item, we'll work something out where you paypal me the postage and I'll box it all up for you.

    • Chargers for Jabra bluetooth headsets (came from model 250, but may work for other related models). Two.
    • Travel sync cables for Treo 600. One is ziplink, the other is what remains of a broken ziplink (i.e., it's just a thin cord - no means of retracting).
    • Sync and charge cable for Treo 600. Includes power supply.
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    Treo 300 taken.
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    Bumping this (a year and a half later! ). Just want to clear boxes of stuff. Make offer on anything - I pretty much just don't want to trash what someone else might have use for.

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