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    I have 17 months left on my contract that I would like to get rid of. I've been with Sprint since 1999 and have negotiated a pretty good plan over the years. It's about half of what it would cost if you walked into a Sprint store as a new customer. A transfer of liability is required and you will have to pass Sprint's credit check. I would prefer to sell the 700p to the same person who takes the plan, but it's not required. For what it's worth, my 700p is solid. It's pretty rare to get any lag switching between apps, and it only resets about once a month. It includes an OEM cradle and an unused BSE full body protector. It has also had a BSE screen protector since day one. Here's my plan, which is also eligible for employer and credit union discounts if you qualify.

    $40 per month
    750 anytime minutes
    All minutes include long distance
    500 text messages
    Unlimited high-speed data (Power Vision Plus)
    Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7 pm
    Free PCS to PCS minutes
    Free digital roaming (you can use Verizon's towers and you can even force the phone to roam at all times)
    Three Way Calling
    Additional Anytime Minutes $.40 Per Min.
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