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    Claustrophobia: the action puzzle - save 30% from

    "Claustrophobia" is created specially for those, who have some time to kill and going to make it with pleasure.
    The game is not a monotonous sequence of puzzles, nor is it just a screen-tapping. It has the best from both game-styles.

    Diamond-rush through arcade of complicated labyrinths, challenging traps, and numerous puzzles make the gameplay thrilling and
    addictive. Sometimes you need to be smart, sometimes accurate and attentive, somethimes quick to guide a little mole through the
    maze. Amusing graphics and game-design, nice sound, built-in potentiality for numerous score-increasing tricks will take you back to
    the solved once riddles again and again.

    Palm Games
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    Off topic forum yet the post above would be considered a form of Spamming.
    Spamming is economically viable because advertisers have no operating costs thus TC foots the bill with there forum for members to bite.TC does not support such actions by advertisers so the post above should be deleted.
    If I'm off the mark please delete my post
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