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    I purchased a new case so I no longer need this one. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago. It has about a weeks worth of use and looks great. I am asking $25.00 shipped for it. This is the Brown clipless version. I originally paid $39.95 plus shipping.

    The handcrafted Sena LeatherSkin Case for Treo 755p/750/680 is an ultra- slim form fitting case made from top quality leather with a soft suede lining. It's "no-bulk" and tight form fitting design fits your Treo snugly -- so that you can actually feel the curves of it.It's "no-burden" design makes accessing all your Treo's functions easy.

    The Treo slides into the case and a flap goes over the top to hold the unit firmly in place. There are cut outs for every speaker, port, and light. The flap that goes over the top does obscure the IR port, but can easily be snapped off for quick beaming.Everything is exposed that should be: screen, navigation buttons, speaker, even the status light. There is a cross bar of leather between screen and buttons, which adds a bit more protection and stability to the case

    Ultra Slim Design
    Headphone jack opening
    Microphone and speaker opening
    Easy access to keyboard
    Easy access to camera
    Top Quality full grain leather
    Charge thru travel cable
    No plastic cover on screen or keyboard
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    Price dropped to $25.00.

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