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    Here is the info on the new study for Rochester NY

    Does not have to reside in Rocherster, New York
    25 to 60
    use a handheld electronic device like a blackberry, smartphone, pocket PC
    or Palm

    All of those who qualify will be asked to
    complete a 1 hour in person interview on Tuesday, September 25 or Wednesday,
    September 26 at an advertising agency in Rochester.
    Each participant will be paid $125.00

    Please have all people call me directly at
    716-833-9300 if they interested in participating.
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    Got a link? $125 is pretty much how much gas I need to use for the round trip.
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    Thanks, if it fits into my calendar I think I'll take the $125.
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    I live about 75 minutes away but with gas being $2.85 a gallon, and time, I don't think it's doable for me.
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    I'm scheduled for this week. It's put on by Auragen, who uses infrared to determine what part of a computer screen one's eyes are looking at. I get the feeling they're testing games.

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