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    I have been given a mint Cingular Treo 650 thinking I could unlock it for Verizon use, but I was wrong.

    I am looking for an equitable trade.
    I can't find any scratches. The phone has camera, stylus, 2 wall-chargers, and usb cable. No sim card, no box or extras.

    I'd be happy to give more details. It's very nice. I can snap photos of the phone, etc.

    I am located in Chicago.
    (office phone: 312-644-2500 ask for Betty Jo)
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    Hi! I am going to receive, as a gift, a Palm Treo 650 from my cousin. It was working on Verizon, so I think it uses CDMA technology (she couldnīt confirm this to me). Because she dindīt find the device usefull, she is going to give it to me. But I live in Argentina and here the telephone networks work with GSM. She dindīt use the Treo for a long time and she told me that it is in a very good condition. She is currently living in New York. So, if you think that this post its usefull for you let me know and I will contact you with her. Thanks!
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    If you haven't solved this by now I just received a treo 650 that was activated on Verizon its in pretty good shape it has mark on the touch screen. Let me know if we could work out a trade.

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