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    For sale: blue Treo 755p

    -Mint condition, shows no sign of wear/use.
    -Was used for just over a month (purchased 6/30/07, used until 8/13/07, then kept charged and safe at home until now)
    -Treo was in the Seidio crystal clear case from day 1 and has had a screen protector since day 1
    -Comes with Treo, orginal box and accessories, plus:

    Seidio Crystal Clear Case and Seidio Inno Dock Junior craddle

    I can offer my Ebay seller ID (same as here, pauld5999) to prove reliability plus previous TC transactions. Check other phones I have sold: always what I say and always a happy customer! I am selling this only bc I can't put my Mogul down. See my posts, nothing but good things to say about this phone, most rock solid Treo I have owned.

    PM for pics or with questions.

    $310 shipped (USPS Priority) or best offer
    "Bound to cover just a little more ground"
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    "Bound to cover just a little more ground"

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