OK. This is my wife's 650. It's the unlocked/unbranded GSM unit that we've used on T-Mobile for a while. My wife now has an iPhone.

It has always had a screen protector on it. Cosmetics are excellent.

The buttons don't always respond. You can see my thread about repairing the buttons and a suggested answer here.

So treat this thing as something to cannibalize, or as a repair project. I can't be bothered.

I look at the PalmOS interface fondly and longingly, but unfortunately my wife has moved on (to the iPhone) and I have moved on to Windows Mobile. Which I would flee in a second. But that's another story.

You get:

- Treo 650 in the box with the battery and the AC adapter.

- Shipping overnight via DHL to anywhere in the U.S.

You pay: $75.00 by Paypal.