$tolen In 60 $econds, gold winner of Samsung Game Development Contest 2007 is released for PDA & Smartphones !

"Hi, I've got some job for you. It will be an easy task - little jeweler’s burglary. Also one antiquarian is needed to be looked in on, we'll make "an inspection of his collection"... Well, what do you say?"

We don't call anyone to break the law, we don't instruct how to take away money and we don't give pieces of advice how to grow rich fast... but we present $tolen In 60 $econds - you've never played such a game!

The uncommonness of tasks, ease of a game style and stunning brain twisting quests are the components of a cocktail which will suit even the most carping gamers' taste. This unique project, which combined genres of strategy and puzzle, reveals all dark corners of the criminal world. Just taste the illegal freedom and take a walk in the reality without any bans. You will seek out executors of intended robbery, supply them with appropriate equipment, plan their activities, pay to intelligencers and take care about a great number of other things.

The detailed information about the game, including screenshots, trailers and links for demo versions is available on Herocraft PDA official site

Game features:

  • A combination of the stepwise planning of a burglary and the action itself in a real-time mode
  • A dozen thieves tools
  • The increasing complication of quests
  • About two dozen original operations
  • Smart sound and vivid graphics
  • Atmosphere of the real gangster den

About HeroCraft

Herocraft is a dynamically expanding Russian company working in the field of designing and releasing high-class games and other programming products for mobile phones. Founded in 2001, the company currently occupies one of the leading positions on the world market for mobile phone games, and does not intend to rest on its laurels. HeroCraft employs experienced programmers, talented artists, gifted designers and many other brilliant specialists who truly enjoy making games. Our major aim is in attaining maximum enjoyment from our games through the highest quality and excellent gameplay.

Herocraft specializes in games for mobile devices (J2ME, Brew, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms) and has released its successful titles in USA, Europe, Asia and Russia to this day - Airship Racing: Around The Globe, Bikini Balls, Black Shark, Blind Fury, Bubble Revolt, Dragon And Dracula 3D, Erotic Galaxy, Friday the 13th, Governator: Unleashed Power, Top Guy: Governator, Kamikaze Quest: The God's Wind, Kamikaze 2: The Way Of Samurai, Revival, Robo, Robo 2, Mummy and The Beauty, Sky Corsairs, Sweet Invaders, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Herocraft’s games are available in more than 50 countries.

As for the games for PDAs & Smartphones, the company has released already several games – Happy Lines, Ball Rush Aqua, 8 in 1: Arcade Park, 3 in 1: Arcades For Adults.

The company currently employs over 50 persons in 4 offices in Russia and the Ukraine. A large number of outside design teams also work with us, having chosen us as publisher for their products the world over. Specifically for the purpose of promoting our products on world markets, we have, together with i-Free and FounDreams, set up United Fun Traders (UFT). The major task of the alliance is the active promotion of the products and services of leading Russian content providers. United Fun Traders (UFT) represents a whole range of mobile entertainment: J2ME, Palm OS, Windows Mobile OS, Symbian OS games, animated and still images, mobile serials, realtones, video, as well as Jamango – one of the most "advanced" community services for subscribers to cell networks in the world at the present time. UFT are two dozen professionals who promote our products on world markets.

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