I will give great prices to interested treocentral members until Sept. 1st; when I will be resorting to Ebay. Just email me if you are interested in any of the following items.
  • I have a BRAND NEW "refurbished" Treo 700p, unopened in the box from equipment protection services (clean ESN). These refurbs always come in great condition; just like new with warrantee.
  • AC and DC Car charger
  • Treo stereo headphones
  • TomTom Navigator 6 (the latest version)
  • cradel with second battery compartment (I only have the power cable with this cradle
  • 1GB SD card w/ built in USB adapter
  • ProClip USA mount for Treo 600 - 700
  • Software; tons of it: Docs to Go, Ringo Pro, Pocket Tunes, LightnZip, BackupMan, Rasco Explorer, Beyond Contacts, Travel Dictionary, Texas Hold'm and BlackJack, PDANet, alot of other free apps also.