Just a few thoughts / observations on a dying Prism.

Last weekend on of the screws at the bottom of my Prism came out - appeared that the base holding the screw broke. This cause the plug-in piece at the bottom to shift into the unit. I opened and tried to re-set - to no avail. I also had a couple of cracks and paint rubbing off.

So, I use my Prism 100% of the time and couldn't dial-in or charge the battery. Battery life draining slowly I performed an IR synch to keep info up to date and called Handspring on Monday AM.

Tuesday I received my replacement unit. Looked brand new. Everything worked as advertised except for a wicked vlicker that I had to fix with the hidden trick of changing the date to 1-1-1904 (you would think that they would know to do that at the factdory).

I used JackBack to restore - and about 95% of my stuff came back fine. Had to re-install launcher III as well as the upgraded Avant Go.

My hands off to the folks at Handspring - so far it appears that they handled this situation to my satisfaction. I'm now seriously considering buying the extended warranty.