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Color Support:
Full color support from monochrome to 16-bit color depth (65,536 colors). You can set any color depth supported by the handheld in
ZLauncher freely.

High-Resolution / High-Density Support:
Full support for Sony HiRes(320 X 320) / HiRes+ (320 X 480) / Landscape(480 X 320). And ability to display High-Density icon on
PRE-PalmOS5 Sony HiRes handhelds.
Full support for PalmOS5 High-Density(320 X 320) display, including Palm Tungsten|T3, TapWave Zodiac(320 X 480/480 X 320).
ZLauncher can display Low / High Density icons and fonts.

Totally Customizable User Interface:
Supports THEME & Icon Set. Changing the theme can give you a fresh look of your handheld. Icon Set provides the capability of
replacing the any apps' icons, including the apps which are stored in /Palm/Launcher/ of the expansion card.
ZLauncher can convert a BMP/PGP/JPG file into a background image DB directly. You can change the background image according to your
favor. You also can PREVIEW the supported pictures before converting them.
Each category has its own settings. You can set different icon settings, colors, background images for different tabs.
Theme Manager provides the most convenience for managing themes, icon sets, and background images.
You can change various color of the interface, such as icon text color, tab title text color, tab background color, and etc..
You can change various font of the interface, such as icon text, tab caption text, and etc..
You can change the different icons for different tabs. The caption of tab can be hidden to save more room to display more tab
titles. Tab captions can be hidden manually or automatically.

Offers up to 15 combinations of user interface and 3 item view modes(Icon view, List view, Detail view). You also can set the UI
tansparent to make more background visible and make the screen more .

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