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    I would like to trade my Visor Prism for a Compaq Ipaq.

    I have only used the Prism for about 2 months so its like new condition.

    The trade i would like is:

    Memplug (w/ 64meg SM Card)
    Thinmodem Original


    CF Sleeve

    If anyone is interested please e-mail me at

    If i don't get any trade offers i may seel the package individually.

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    I am now willing to sell the entire package for $900 plus shipping.

    The package is:
    1 Visor Prism
    1 Minijam
    1 Stowaway Keyboard
    1 Thimodem Original (w/ 56k update)
    1 Memplug (w/64 Meg SM Card)

    If you would like to make an offer on one of these items individually please e-mail me and if after a few days no one buys the package i will start selling them off. I also have a package of WriteRights for the IIIc that i will throw in.
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    Whole package $725. Except Writerights, gave em to a bud.
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    If I win the Ipaq on PDABuzz.Com's contest, let's talk. they draw on the 31st. Hopefully I will win.
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    You're not a steelers fan, are you?
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    Pat, that shoudln't matter right now, you're world champs, so you got smack.
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    hehehehehe, actually i prefer hockey.

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