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    Boxwave SKIN for treo 700p

    Hole cut in the back of the skin to have custom clip system added

    click and lock rotating clip, attached to seidio battery cover with reset hole

    clip can be removed from battery cover, attached with strong layers of velcro

    treo 700p rubberized seidio case
    Also seidio holster for rubberized case

    modification to holster just above, clip was shaved down a tad to not make stick up so high on the top of the clip, no more digging into stomach when u sit down

    also on the inside of the holster, soft velcro was added to two bottom flaps and top hook, that modification can just be removed by peeling off velcro, just makes for a tighter hold

    PM me with any offers !

    items will be shipped via UPS with tracking number

    Please include shipping in offers

    only shipping within the US
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