Photogather for Palm - 30% OFF for a week

Photogaher for Palm OS, a wonderful digital album on Palm with picture viewer ,editor, browser and a picture taker built-in, makes it possible for you to view , edit and take photos anytime, anywhere.

Many ways to read in images
There are several different ways to read in image files for Photogather for Palm. You can transfer pictures from Desktop PC to you Handheld by sync. You can also read JPG and TIFF files from external memory card of your Palm. It also support built-in camera of Clie, Treo and Zire. You can directly take photos. Beaming receiving is also supported. You can accept JPG file from IrDA, Bluetooth and e-Mail .

Demonstrate and organize your pictures on Palm
From your PC desktop, you can transmit JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF and TGA to your palm device. Then you can view and demonstrate those images on the handheld.

With slide-show function, your palm will show your favorite pictures automatically.

To match your own Palm's color mode, you can choose true color, 256 color, 256 gray scale, 16 gray scale, 4 gray scale and even black-white mode to transfer pictures. With our tech, you'll enjoy photos of rich colors even though your Palm might support not that many colors.

If your Palms' resolution is only 160x160, don't worry. Our super sample algorithm can still guarantee a vivid and smooth demonstration of your photos.

The software supports large-size picture, so you can transfer large picture such as a map to you palm and view it with smooth scrolling.

Hi-Density display mode supported
It supports different Hi-Density display mode on Palm OS 5. The software also supports Sony's 320*320 and 320x480 color display mode, including the silkscreen function.

Tungsten and Treo 5-way navigation supported
You can scroll the view of large picture with one finger on Tungsten.

Beaming, blue-tooth & e-mail supported
You can share the pictures with others by transferring pictures through these means.

Double-tap to zoom-in and zoom-out
You can view the picture in actual size and fit-in-screen size by double-tapping the image.

Image editing supported
You can scribe, resize, rotate, flip, sharpen & color-balance the image on you palm now.

External memory card supported
That means that you can save large number of picture on MS or SD card and move them between cards and RAM as you like.

JPG & TIFF supported
Besides you can transfer pictures from desktop, you can read JPG and Tiff files directly from external memory card and you can also output your editing result as a JPG file onto the external memory card.

Built-in Camera supported
Now we support built-in camera of Sony Clie, Treo 600&650 and Zire. You can capture the pictures with this software on those devices.

Tungsten dynamic input area and rotation supported
Take advantage of that feature of Tungsten series.

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