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    I have three Palm branded Flexi-Skins for sale. They're for the Treo 700P/W/WX. Two of them are still sealed / never opened. One of them is open and has been used, but it's still in like new condition. It doesn't have any tears, rips, stains, etc.. It has not stretched at all. I did cut a hole in it that corresponds to the Seidio battery cover with reset hole. The Seidio battery cover does come with the opened skin. The battery cover matches the color of the Sprint 700WX. I'm asking for $17.00 shipped for each of the new skins and $23.00 shipped for the opened one w/ Seidio battery cover.


    Battery Cover


    Next thing I have is a used, black Sena lateral pouch. It's still in excellent condition. There are no scratches or marks on it anywhere. It includes the red pouch and gift box it originally came in.

    I'm asking for $23.00 shipped for it.


    Next item is a white Seidio Treo 700P/W/WX Premium Skin case. It has never been used. Comes in the plastic bag it originally came in.

    Asking price is $14.00 shipped.


    Next item is a new Seidio Inno.Dock Jr. Treo 750/755P cradle. I've never used it, but it was tested by Seidio and they confirmed that it works. It comes with the USB cable and box it originally came with.

    Asking price is $24.00 shipped.


    The final item I have is a 4GB class 4 Transcend Mini-SDHC card. It has been used for only a week. It was formatted just once and that was in my Treo 755P. Works just fine. Comes with the original, opened blister packaging, clear plastic hard case and mini-SD to SD card adapter.

    Asking price $55.00 shipped


    All of my shipped prices are for the continental US. Please PM me if you're interested in any of these items.
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