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    Add my vote! 'Nuff said.
    "Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds." -- Albert Einstein
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    Every single expensive electronics gadget or thingamadoodle I have ever owned (well, recently) , I always end up getting into something with customer support. It eventually gets worked out, some smoother than others. To date, my WORST one was with Imation, and that was simply because one of the people who helped me was extremely rude (better yet, his advice sucked, and he didn't even know what he was talking about.) but even then, I would rank it a very good experience.

    My List?

    SonicBlue (RIO) ,

    Quite a big list for stuff that's happened within the last 6 months.

    Handspring will soon be on the list. I'm in a pretty sticky situation (I think I may have messed up on my rebate form! ) but I'm hoping Handspring is flexible enough to work around it.

    If not, it looks like there will be one hell of a fight. I'm preparing for the worst, and hoping for some reasonable solution.

    I have faith in you Handspring! Don't ruin it!
    <b><font size=1 color=teal>"Sorry about the whole thing about losing your life savings, but that Palmpilot is property of Enron, so please give it back"

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